Gesture Recording and Recognition Toolkit

For Kinect for Windows

GesturePak is both an app that records you making your gestures and an SDK for .NET 4.x that notifies your code when the user has made those gestures.

Note: GesturePak requires the Kinect for Windows Sensor, and does not work with the Kinect for XBox Sensor. GesturePak Works with the latest KFW SDK but in standing mode only.

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Interested in GesturePak 2.0 Alpha for Kinect v2?


  • Use speech commands or control the mouse cursor with your hand.
  • GesturePak saves gestures as xml files.
  • Allows you to edit and tweak your gestures.
  • Options to track each of 20 joints.
  • Options to track X, Y, and/or Z axis.
  • Limit the required time in which to perform the gesture.
  • Increase or decrease accuracy required.



      How GesturePak Works
      An overview of the technology and process behind GesturePak.

      GesturePak Recorder Documentation
      The GesturePak Recorder app lets you record and edit gestures.

      GesturePak API Documentation
      The GesturePak API lets you recognize Gestures in your .NET applications..


Download This Free Interactive Demo! (67MB)
Carl Franklin guides you through the steps to create and test a gesture in only 7 miniutes! With this free demo version you can create, edit, and test gestures all you like. It's fully functional except that you can't save your gestures or recognize them in your own apps.


Click here to get GesturePak now!
GesturePak is only $99 for a single developer license and $799 for a site license. The license allows you to add gesture recording (creation) and recognition features to your own applications, and to distribute those applications so long as the app you distribute is not a developer tool used to allow apps to recognize gestures.


       "We would not have been able to finish our project on time
       without GesturePak. We were able to complete in hours what
       would have taken us days or weeks to code on our own.
       The gesture recording interface and code implementation
       was so intuitive and straightforward, we were able to get
       up and running using just the provided samples as reference."
       Eric Siemiatkaska, Manager of Development Services
       SS&C Inc.

Mary Jo Foley wrote this article about GesturePak


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