Carl Franklin

Carl Franklin is Microsoft Regional Director for Connecticut, an MVP for Kinect, co-host of .NET Rocks! and The Tablet Show, a .NET Rocks! spin-off dedicated to developing for tablets, phones and other mobile devices, as well as mobile web.


Carl has been a leader in the VB community since the very early days when he wrote for Visual Basic Programmers Journal. He authored the Q&A column of that magazine as well as many feature articles for VBPJ and other magazines. He has authored two books for John Wiley & Sons on sockets programming in VB, and in 1994 he helped create the very first web site for VB developers, Carl & Gary's VB Home Page.


Carl is the creator of GesturePak ($99), the first gesture recognition library for Microsoft Kinect for Windows. GesturePak records your motion as you create gestures, then notifies your app when your user has performed one or more of your gestures.


Carl is also an accomplished musician and audio/video producer. He started Pwop in 1999 as a record label for his first album, a collaboration with his brother Jay: Strange Communication. Franklin Brothers released Lifeboat To Nowhere in 2011, which has met with rave reviews. Carl is working on a new solo album, Been a While, which offers a tune featuring John Scofield on guitar, as well as an incredible group of musicians local to New London, CT.


Pwop Studios is now a full-service audio and video post production studio in New London, CT, where Carl records and produces the podcasts as well as music and video projects - both for himself, Franklin Brothers, and the public.


Another claim to fame is that Carl authored two of the MIDI files that came in the box with the Sound Blaster - JAZZ.MID and REGGAE.MID - while working for Voyetra Technologies as a tech-support engineer in the late 80s and early 90s


Carl is married with 4 beautiful children, and lives in the New London, Connecticut area. You can reach him by email at and follow Carl on Twitter @carlfranklin


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